Data Science Pathways

I’ve just launched a new page on data science tools and educational resources. Included are compiled online textbooks, interactive web demos, computational resources, and a checklist of core data science concepts that I hope can be used to formulate a personalized pathway through the tools and knowledge areas associated with the mathematics, statistics & machine learning, and programming skills that are needed to solve modern data science challenges.Data Science Concept Checklist

“Map” of Data Science Skills

Map of one perspective on data science skills – a great visualization for anyone interested in where to begin or how to hone strengths in data science. The guide is divided up into 10 categories: 1. Fundamentals 2. Statistics 3. Programming 4. Machine Learning 5. Text Mining / Natural Language Processing 6. Visualization 7. Big Data 8. Data Ingestion 9. Data Wrangling and 10. Other Tools:

Best Energy Data Visualizations

In a world with top 10 lists for everything, it should come as no surprise that there are numerous lists of great data visualization examples. Flowing Data publishes an annual digest of the best data visualizations projects of the past year. Visualizing Data regularly publishes an impressive roundup of high quality and timely data visualizations (e.g. February and August 2015).

Occasionally, these visualizations are energy-themed, but often I’ve needed to dig deeper to find good examples of energy data visualized. After scouring the web, I’ve come across a number of fantastic energy-specific data visualizations and have shared those below. Continue reading Best Energy Data Visualizations

Programming Best Practices

When it comes to programming, there are as many schools of thought in terms of best practices as their are practitioners. For my Bass Connections Team, I’ve compiled a list of 42 of what I think are solid best practices for programming, targeted to Matlab. These come from varied sources (references below) as well as personal experience. These best practices are also available as a 2-page pdf.

Continue reading Programming Best Practices